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Mission X Cyprus - Train like an Astronaut

Starting Feb 2017

Mission X Cyprus commences in February 2017

Mission X is a first-of-its-kind outreach project, sponsored by NASA's Human Research Program, that brings together 11 Space Agencies, 6 partner Institutions and 19 Organisations, such as CSEO, from 38 Countries, to train students like astronauts, teach principles of healthy eating and exercise, and provide scientific knowledge and engineering skills needed in space exploration.

Mission X features training modules and healthy activities that compare to those used by astronauts and cosmonauts during all phases of space flight. It also teaches space science and provides knowledge and experiments about the Cosmos. It brings astronauts closer to students and via competitions and challenges it prepares the next generation of astronauts, scientists and ground crew of the new Space Era.

Registration for 2017 is now open!

Start your registration here

All registration applications will be reviewed by CSEO and we will reply to you, whether your team is accepted to join Mission X Cyprus.

  1. Minimum of three children in each team (no maximum),
  2. Additionally, one adult as team leader,
  3. Participate at the initial training event for the team leaders,
  4. Report back the team's progress once a month via short media message (video) or short written report (blog),
  5. Train team based on the Mission X Cyprus training material.